“Stop the killings in the Philippines!” Say Jersey City Activists

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Jersey City, NJ- Jersey city activists called on Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to “stop the killings” of activists and community leaders in the Philippines.  They also called on the US government to “cut the US military aid to the Philippines.  This action was in response to the current state of extra-judicial killings in the Philippines.As part of Jersey City Peace Movement’s (JCPM) “Stop the War-Sundays”, a monthly anti-war action and food and clothing drive for the homeless community of Jersey City, Anakbayan New Jersey, a Filipino activist youth organization, collaborated to raise awareness about the killing of Willem Geertman and other  cases of human rights violations in the Philippines.  They posted pictures of victims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances around the 9/11 memorial fountain at Journal Square Plaza with signs that said, “Justice for Willem Geertman!” and “Cut US military aid to the Philippines.” Members of Anakbayan NJ also handed out flyers regarding the “State of Human Rights in the Philippines” to passers by.

“The memorial at Journal Square was meant to raise awareness about the poor state of human rights in the Philippines. State sponsored killings and abductions of activists and community leaders continue under President Aquino.  Anakbayan NJ, together with JCPM, addressed an important issue that he [Pres. Aquino] failed to mention in his third state of the nation address,” said Bea Sabino, Chairperson of Anakbayan New Jersey.  “As US taxpayers, we demand an end to US military aid to the Philippines. $30 million in tax dollars go to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which is notorious for gross violations to human rights.  We also demand justice for Willem Geertman.  We call on the Aquino administration to take decisive steps on investigating these cases and also to prosecute former President Arroyo and former  AFP general Jovito Palparan as perpetrators of human rights violations in the Philippines,” Ms. Sabino concluded.

Currently, there are 100 recorded victims of extra-judicial killings under the 2 year-old administration of President Aquino.  Willem Geertman, a community development worker is one of the most recent victims.  He was killed last July 3rd, colleagues and family claim, for his advocacy in land, indigenous people and environmental issues.  He is the Executive Director of a disaster relief NGO Alay Bayan Inc and has resided in the Philippines for the past 46 years. He spoke fluent Filipino and has worked among poor farmers in rural communities.  He is a known anti-mining advocate.  Geertman is the second European NGO/community worker killed under the Aquino regime, after the death of Fr. Pops Tentorio in Mindanao on October 2011.  Geertman’s death came a month after the Philippine government appeared before the United Nations Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, where it was scrutinized for its inaction towards the elimination of extrajudicial killings, torture and enforced disappearances in the Philippines.

Activists linked the issues of human rights violations in the Philippines with the US-military aid and involvement in the internal affairs of the Philippines.  Since 2001, The U.S. government has spent $507 million since 2001 in military aid for the Philippines.  $30 million is scheduled to be released again this year.  According to activists, this could have been used to fund social services here in communities like Jersey City.

“Our stolen tax-dollars must be re-channeled from endless wars and bank-bailouts, back to the people, including the working-class, the elderly, the sick, the homeless and the youth,” said Erik Anders-Nilsson, Director of Jersey City Peace Movement.  “The corrupt powers of Imperialist America vying for global hegemony must be challenged and struggled with.  Jersey City Peace Movement calls for the end to all U.S wars abroad, an end to all U.S. military bases in the Philippines , and the liberation of all oppressed peoples, from Palestine to Jersey City, to Manila,”  Mr. Nilsson concluded.

Activists say they will continue to raise awareness, and lobby to uphold human rights in the Philippines until the US government cuts military funding to the Philippines.


For Immediate Release

June 7, 2012

Reference: Jackelyn Mariano, Deputy Secretary General, BAYAN-USA, bayandepsec@gmail.com, 347.669.0661


photo by Apollo Victoria

Filipino Americans Decry Aquino and Binay U.S. Visits as Business Deals to Further Trample on Philippine Sovereignty, Increase US Military Presence in Country

BAYAN-USA, a national alliance of progressive Filipino organizations, commenced the month of June by mobilizing the Filipino community to voice their outrage and concern to the Philippine President Benigno “NoyNoy” Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay on their respective visits to the United States.  BAYAN-USA condemns the Aquino administration for pushing policies that have prioritized opening up the Philippine economy to mainly cater to foreign economic and U.S. military interests, as well as the interests of the ruling classes in the Philippines at the expense of the rights and dignity of the majority of poor Filipinos. Binay visited Los Angeles this past June 2nd, while Aquino is slated to meet with US President Obama this Friday, June 8.

Binay declared his visit to the U.S. was to meet with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to ask for help in defending the rights of trafficked Filipino teachers in Maryland. However, protesters from BAYAN-USA doubt Binay’s interest in workers’ rights due to the very fact that he was staying at the Hilton LA Airport, a boycotted hotel by a hotel workers union, which includes Filipino members. The union called for a boycott to ensure that the workers’ rights to unionize be upheld as well as the fair treatment of workers across the board.  

President Aquino, on the other hand, will be meeting Obama at the White House to discuss increasing U.S. military presence in the Philippines.  Aquino may discuss the Philippines signing onto Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a U.S.-led neoliberal free-trade agreement – often referred to as the NAFTA of Asia – which will further liberalize Philippine markets to deregulate foreign business ownership, clearly violating Philippine sovereignty and self-determination. Many economists have pointed to the TPPA’s design to secure US economic dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, while isolating super rival China’s emerging economic influence.

With every US military shift dictated by a US economic agenda, BAYAN-USA recognizes these meetings as Aquino’s subservience to U.S. economic and military interests, as he allows the increase of U.S. military presence in the Philippines in exchange for the tripling of U.S. military aid to the Philippines.  His visit is in line with the Pentagon’s recent announcement of a  60% strategic shift to the Asia Pacific region set to be completed by 2020. As the Obama administration uses military bullying to dictate and project its economic power in the Asia-Pacific region, it continues to justify its actions by sowing an anti-China scare campaign reminiscent of Cold War-era messaging.

Filipinos in the U.S. and in the Philippines declare, “The Philippines is NOT for sale!” and will conduct protest actions in both countries to condemn the U.S.-Philippine military alliance, which will only perpetuate more human rights violations against the Filipino people and aggravate the threat of war, putting the Philippine nation in direct danger of unwarranted military action.

Join BAYAN-USA in nationally-coordinated protest actions to demand that President Aquino uphold Philippine sovereignty and protect the rights and welfare of the Filipino people!

* Friday, June 8, 2:00PM EST

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Sidewalks between East & West Executive Avenues

Washington, D.C.

Contact: Jackelyn Mariano, Deputy Secretary General, BAYAN-USA, 347.669.0661

* Friday, June 8, 5:30PM PST

Hilton LAX

Los Angeles, California

Contact: Theresa Jaranilla, Southwest Coordinator, BAYAN-USA, 213.373.5154

* Sat, June 9 & Sun, June 10, 12pm-5pm PST

Seattle Center, Pagdiriwang Festival commemorating Philippine Independence

Seattle, Washington

Contact: Chel Cendana, Pacific Northwest Coordinator, BAYAN-USA, 360.990.9424







Filipino Americans Enjoin Community to Fight Against Human Trafficking; March for a New Philippines on PIDC 2012

NAFCON contingent at PIDC 2011. Photo by Jonna Baldres.

NEW YORK — This coming Sunday, June 3, 2012, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and BAYAN-USA will be joining the annual Philippine Independence Day Parade once again to present the pressing issues that Filipinos in the United States are experiencing and to make the community aware about these issues and how they can contribute to address these.

This year, the alliances and their member organizations will tackle once more the issue of human trafficking, which has become even more rampant during the past few years, with victims coming out in groups and speaking out to tell their experiences, such as the Florida 15, Arizona 34, Orlando 18, Sentosa 27++ and many more.

Most of them have been recruited from the Philippines and brought into the United States with the employers promising them jobs but ended up sending them in either a different workplace or to work within terrible conditions. They were given false hopes for better lives and employment, but most of them eventually lost their status due to employers’ negligence and fraudulent acts. Some were even subject to detention, removal proceedings and deportations, which none of them have ever hoped for.

In line with the theme of this year’s Philippine Independence Day Parade, “Ang Bagong Pilipino, Bagong Kalayaan, Bagong Layunin, Bagong Pagkakaisa” (The New Pilipino, New Independence, New Goal, New Unity), NAFCON and BAYAN aim to awaken the minds and hearts of Filipinos in the United States on these issues and become the new Filipino, who will fight for the rights of migrant workers and who will not let injustices plague our country and fellow men.

These progressive alliances aim to fight for a new Philippines that is free of debt, exploitation, corruption, landlessness and one that will have jobs in the home country so Filipinos need not to leave, sell cheap labor to other countries and get separated from their loved ones; a Philippines whose government takes responsibility and fights to end Labor Export Policy (LEP) and addresses the needs of its people and can stand up on its own and free from the dictates of super powers. Only then, if our beloved motherland has reached this stage, can we say that genuine freedom and independence has been truly achieved.

So this Sunday, NAFCON, BAYAN and their member organizations enjoin Filipinos to march for real independence and to unite in ending these forms of exploitation and abuses and in making the perpetrators of these inhumane practices accountable to the people.

Meeting place will be at 37th Street between Madison and Park Avenues, 11am on Sunday, June 3. Let’s wear our RED shirts!

For more information, please email ne@nafconusa.org or call 3478671550.

A meaningful Philippine Independence Day to all!








US Intervention, NOT CHINA, is the Greatest Threat to Peace & Security in the Philippines– BAYAN USA

News Statement

April 16, 2012

Reference: Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson, BAYAN USA, email: chair@bayanusa.org

Filipino-American Alliance Calls Aquino Gov’t to Junk the VFA, Stop Balikatan Exercises

As today marks the formal opening of the 28th US-Philippine Balikatan (Shoulder-to-Shoulder) Exercises in Palawan, Filipino-Americans across the US, under the banner of BAYAN USA, are joined by their American allies in condemning intensifying US military intervention in the Philippines as the greatest threat to peace and security in the country and the Asia-Pacific region.

US is the Real Bully

Contrary to Washington’s line, the Chinese government is not flexing its military might to bully other countries in the region in order to expand its economic interests. It is the US government that fits said description, as US military’s so-called “rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region” is motivated by the Obama administration campaign to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a new free trade agreement akin to NAFTA that would ensure US economic and political domination in the region, as well as contain super rival China’s emerging economic power and growth.

Decades of US military presence in the Philippines in the name of peace-keeping and anti-terrorism have proven that it is the US troops, not China, that are guilty of pointing their own guns at Filipino civilians, raping Filipino women and children, patronizing and encouraging sex tours and increased prostitution, polluting and destroying the environment, requiring the massive displacement of rural communities in order to accommodate their military operations, advising and training the same Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) documented and denounced by international human rights organizations as perpetrating gross human rights abuses in the country, not to the least of which is the blatant violation and disrespect to Philippine national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Under Obama, the Philippines is now being used as testing grounds for US drone air strikes, in line with its historical role as a strategic launching pad and fueling station for US military offensives in nearly all of its wars of aggression. The US is also hyping up anti-China sentiment in the region by intervening in regional territorial disputes over the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal, of which China is a stakeholder, clearly aimed at provoking military aggression with the Philippines at the crosshairs. 

Hearts and Minds Campaign

Characteristic of this year’s Balikatan Exercises is the so-called focus on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HA/DR), including a Civil-Military Operations (CMO) component that started in March 12 with an engineering program to construct schools and facilities in the most marginalized areas of Palawan. Reminiscent of the same tactics used by the US military campaign to “win the hearts and minds” of the Vietnamese people and gather popular support for direct US military intervention during the Vietnam War, the HA/DR focus of the Balikatan Exercises is actually in line with the 2009 US State Department’s Counter-Insurgency (US COIN) Guide. The said US COIN guide purports the need for a population-centric approach, or low-intensity conflict (LIC),  wherein “the margin of victory will be measured in far different terms than the wars of our past. The allegiance, trust, and confidence of populations will be the final arbiters” as stated by US Army General William B. Caldwell IV in the US Army Field Manual on population-centric COIN.

With a strong Philippine movement for sovereignty and democracy gaining ground, including an armed revolutionary movement popular with the country’s poor and explicit in its aim to fundamentally change the current failing system in favor of a self-sufficient system implementing genuine land reform and national industrialization, the US government is driven to apply LIC tactics to win support away from the cause national liberation and keep the Philippines as its most reliable hub for power projection in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. The US government, and its ruling financial oligarchy, is also driven to maintain the Philippines as a valuable export position for vast natural resources and cheap human labor power in the midst of a worsening global economic crisis it is grappling, but failing, to overcome. 

NoyNoy’s Bankruptcy Exposed

The US-Aquino regime is becoming increasingly isolated as its promise of change is exposing itself as bankrupt through Aquino’s inaction and “NoyNoying” over crucial domestic matters of public interest requiring attention. At the same time Aquino unflinchingly steps to the plate to bat for Uncle Sam’s quest to rattle his saber in the region under the deceptive line of defending the region against China.

It is obvious that Aquino is desperate to keep enjoying the spoils of US puppetry by continuing US-funded state repression against civilians who criticize his policies and championing the US government’s initial steps toward direct US military intervention in the country in the face of a raging civil war between those wanting to maintain the status quo, and those wanting to change the system and build a brighter future. 

It is in this regard that BAYAN USA calls on all in the US who are burdened by the effects of the economic crisis to hold the Obama administration accountable for its maneuvers to invest billions in beefing up it military presence in the Asia-Pacific region through expanding its network of military bases, facilities, operations, and agreements in the region when it could be investing in jobs, education, healthcare, housing, and social services for the American people. We call on all who are against US wars of aggression to demand the Obama administration withdraw its military presence in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. We call on all in the US who have been victimized by US counter-insurgency, including COINTELPRO, and the onslaught of repressive legislation criminalizing dissent and curtailing democratic rights to condemn US counter-insurgency in the Philippines, home to the world’s longest-running armed revolution against US imperialism. Lastly, we call on all who are for freedom to stand in solidarity with the Filipino people’s struggle for genuine national sovereignty and democracy, a mass movement so widespread and historical in its challenge to US imperialist power projection in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.



BAYANUSA is an alliance of 15 progressive Filipino organizations in the U.S. representing youth, students, women, workers, artists, and human rights advocates. As the oldest and largest overseas chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-Philippines), BAYANUSA serves as an information bureau for the national democratic movement of the Philippines and as a campaign center for anti-imperialist Filipinos in the U.S. For more information, visit www.bayanusa.org

March for Workers and Immigrants’ Rights

We are calling on the youth and the community to join Anakbayan on May 1, 2012, 12 noon at Union Square as we celebrate International Labor Day. 

What: Rally and march for workers and immigrants’ rights

[click here for facebook event]

Where: Union Square, NYC

When: May 1, 2012 | Rally 12pm-5:30pm, March 5:30pm onwards

Why: Every year we celebrate the victories and struggles of workers and immigrants. This year we will be raising the issue of  the Florida 15, Arizona 34 and other labor trafficking cases in the Filipino community. We will also be linking this to the overall struggle of workers and migrants all over the world.

*Wear a red shirt and look for the Anakbayan flag

For more information please email us at anakbayan.nynj@gmail.com

Say NO to US Military Intervention in the Philippines! No to BALIKATAN Military Exercises!

New York, NY – On April 15, 2012, member organizations of BAYAN-USA in the Northeast region will commence a two-week campaign to oppose U.S. militarization in the Philippines. 

April 15 marks two important dates. The day will be April 16 in the Philippines, when the Balikatan (shoulder-to-shoulder) joint military exercises are set to resume. It is also tax day in the United States. “We implore the American people to be in solidarity with the Filipino people on this day. It is American tax dollars that are overwhelmingly funneled to the military,” says Jackelyn Mariano, Regional Co-Coordinator of BAYAN-USA Northeast. “This way, the U.S. government diverts people’s taxes away from much-needed social services such as education, jobs, housing, and healthcare.”

“Most Americans are unaware of the facts of the matter. We are kept blind from the reality of U.S. foreign intervention. As Filipinos in the U.S. we must call on our communities and allies to oppose this move, as it has led to rampant human rights violations and will increase the threat to our people’s safety.”

At 12:30pm, BAYAN-USA organizations will conduct a teach-in about the issue. It will take place at the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center in Woodside, Queens. The teach-in will be followed by an indignation rally, to draw attention to the facts.

On April 30, the Secretaries of State and Defense of both the Philippines and the United States will hold a meeting in Washington, D.C. to solidify the terms of U.S. military presence in the Philippines. BAYAN-USA calls on all people to call and fax these secretaries to register their opposition for these plans.



Noynoying in NYC

Members of Ankabayan New York and Anakbayan New Jersey, chapters of a progressive Filipino youth and student organization,  organized “Noynoying” protests in  New York City to criticize the Aquino government’s continued inaction and apathy on pressing issues that affect the nation.

“Noynoying” is a creative form of protest recently popularized by youth and student activist in the Philippines who were protesting the relentless oil price hikes and Aquino’s hands-off helpless approach towards issues of national concern. This form is going viral as people vent out their frustration of Noynoy governments noynoying on every single issue from the Hacienda Luisita land distribution, worker’s call for wage increase, deteriorating social services, etc.

Anakbayan Philippines even published a “How to Noynoying” guide for folks who want to join in.

Noynoying at the Philippine Consulate General in New York City.

Members of Anakbayan New York and New Jersey went inside the Philippine Consulate. Youth and students activists are raising the issue of government inaction in curbing the growing number of Filipinos who are forced to migrate overseas due to bleak economic opportunities back home.

Noynoying on Human Rights issues

Members of BAYAN North East held a noynoying after a human rights forum to raise the issue of government inaction in resolving human rights violations in the Philippines. They also raise the issue of the counter-insurgency program, Oplan Bayanihan that is mainly causing the rise in political killings, enforced disappearances and torture.

More information about Noynoying click here

Articles about Noynoying

‘Noynoying’ craze rages on; youth group hits government’s ‘Noynoying’ as oil prices near historical high as the real ‘A-Noying’

‘Noynoying’ becomes overnight sensation while Palace remains mum on oil overpricing


News Statement

February 1, 2012

Reference: Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson, BAYAN USA, email: chair@bayanusa.org

Aquino Aligns with US Military Build-Up in Asia-Pacific, a Threat to Peace in the Region

Filipino-Americans across the US, under the banner of BAYAN USA, express condemnation and disgust over the efforts of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “Noy-Noy” Aquino III to accommodate the “new” US defense strategy that entails a so-called “rebalance to Asia”, including an increase in US military presence in the Philippines. BAYAN USA also denounces the US government’s Cold War-style media offensive against economic rival China as a pretext to justify its gross expansion of US military powers in the Asia-Pacific in order to increase US economic, political, and military investments in the region.


Under neoliberalism, the US economy is largely dependent on the Pacific Rim, particularly because of its export position. In 2010, the 21 economies that make up the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum accounted for 61% of US exports ($775 billion) and 37% of private services exports ($205 billion). The US economy’s export position in the region accounts for nearly 5 million US jobs. But for countries such as the Philippines, the US investment and export position is at the heart of deepening crisis and poverty due to lack of sovereign claim to natural resources and territory. In line with their national interests, countries like the Philippines must wage fierce struggles against US interventionism in order to assert their right to chart their own economic and political paths.


With China’s economic growth threatening US dominion over the region, and with Obama’s push for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that would outline a US-dominated free trade zone in the region, the US government has announced it will shift its military focus away from Iraq and Afghanistan and renew its commitment to assert it’s position in Asia-Pacific. It has found a reliable stooge in the Aquino government. Recent negotiations framed as a Strategic Dialogue between top Washington security and defense officials and the Aquino administration have laid the ground work for the consolidation of the Philippines as a key US military base location, serving as a permanent staging ground for US military offensives, storage space for surveillance drones, resupply and refueling station for US warships and aircrafts, as well as rest and recreational facility for US servicemen.


In addition to violating Philippine national sovereignty, Aquino’s compliance in accommodating US saber-rattling seeks to undo the 1991 landmark decision of the Philippine Senate to reject the US bases treaty that essentially shutdown permanent US military bases Subic Naval and Clark Air Field, by once again opening these ports for indefinite and “rotational” basing of US troops and throughout the archipelago.

Aquino Positions the Philippines in the Crossfire

Not only does Aquino government reach an all-time high in the barometer of US puppetry with these negotiations, it is aligning the Philippines with a military scheme that will threaten peace in the entire Asia-Pacific region. The US government, driven by its war-dependent economy, is expanding its military presence in Asia-Pacific region under rhetoric of security in the South China Sea and in particular the territorial dispute over the Spratly Islands, when in fact it seeks an excuse to provoke military aggression and create a war-like situation against China that will boost up it military-industrial complex at the expense of the surrounding countries. Such compliance on the Aquino government’s part will surely position the Filipino people in the middle of the crossfire.


Starting with the Philippine-American War of 1899, which marked the advent of US imperialism onto the global stage at the turn of the 20th century, 113 years US geopolitical strategy in region has left the Philippines with a tragic history and ongoing reality of US military infestation whose social costs have burdened its people with untold pain and misery. From hosting the largest US permanent foreign military bases to succumbing to the onerous US-RP Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT)– the mother of all unequal military treaties and agreements– to the virtually permanent Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), over one century of US military presence in the country has been directly linked to the indiscriminate killings, rape and other sexual offenses, massive displacement of rural communities, waste, disease, and other forms of human rights abuses.

Call for Resistance & Solidarity

As Filipinos in the US, BAYAN USA sees concretely how both the Aquino and Obama governments– guardians of financial oligarchy– are acting in betrayal of the broad interest of the Filipino and American peoples. Just as the poor grow poorer in the Philippines under Aquino’s failed economic policies, so are working people in the US forced to carry the heavy burden of paying for a debt crisis they did not create. As peoples resistance to the intolerable 1% escalates amidst the crisis, BAYAN USA joins the call for greater solidarity between people in the US struggling against the US military-industrial complex and for economic equality and the Filipino people’s ongoing struggle for genuine national independence and democracy. This must translate to greater efforts to expose and oppose the US geopolitical strategy in the Asia-Pacific region as a scheme of the purveyors of crisis and war to maintain tight control over the region’s wealth. Peoples resistance and firm solidarity are key in our efforts to frustrate US interventionism in the region!








Nov 4

*NJ Dream Act Coalition Legislative Action with Sen. Stack

12:30 pm, Union City


Nov 5 

 * Solidarity March for Scott Olsen (Iraq Vet shot by Oakland PD; in critical condition)

Collab between Veterans for Peace and Occupy Jersey City

March starts 2:30 pm at Stop n Shop in the Heights


Nov 10

 * NYU School of Law – “Legislating Lives of Immigrants”



Nov 11

 * Blue Scholars (Geo, the MC, is an AB-Seattle founding member) and Bambu HipHop Show

9PM at Bowery Ballroom

Tickets are $15


Nov 12

 * Tweet Open Mic @ Victory Hall

5:30 pm


Nov 16

* Anniversary of Hacienda Luisita Massacre

* “State Rape-ression” ED; 4-6 pm; Venue TBA (probably NJCU Library)


Nov 17

 * “Emerging from the Shadows: The Struggle of Undocumented Immigrants in the US”

Collab w/ NJCU Student Government Organization

1-4 PM at NJCU – Gothic Lounge


Nov 19

* PACCAL Youth Orientation

1:30- 4 pm at the PACCAL Center


* Activist Poetry Slam Open mic 

JSQ Café (2881 Kennedy Blvd)

6-9 PM


Nov 20

 * NAFCON NE Meeting @ the International Action Center

2 pm


Nov 30

* Andres Bonifacio (the great proletarian revolutionary) Day

* Anakbayan NJ 6th Anniversary


Dec 3

 * PF NY gala fundraiser


Dec 10

 * International  Human Rights Day