ILPS-North East Info Session

International League of Peoples Struggle
North East General Meeting
and Information Session
November 4, 2012
at the
International Action Center
55 W17th St., NY, NY
Please join us in a reportback from the founding assembly of the US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle.  Welcome our newest members of the ILPS, learn more about the ILPS through an orientation and remarks from the Chair.  Enjoy a cultural presentation and reportbacks on the recent events that the ILPS had participated in, such as the RNC, DNC, Venezuelan elections, and educational discussions on the TPPA.  For more information on the ILPS, visit and we hope to see you on November 4.

Junk the Cybercrime Prevention Law in the Philippines!

Let us join the efforts to stop the Cybercrime Prevention Law in the Philippines, also known as the E-martial law. 

We ask you 3 things:

  1. Please put this up as your profile picture starting today up to October 8. 
  2. We also ask that you sign this petition:
  3. Spread the word 
This is to help raise awareness and express our opposition to the recently passed RA10175 or Cybercrime Prevention law in the Philippines. It is dubbed as the E-martial law curtailing rights and freedoms in cyber world. It has accomplished what PIPA and SOPA failed to do.

For more information please go to: