Summer Exposure Program

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What is Anakbayan’s Summer Exposure Program?
It is a 3 week program that aims to expose and immerse the youth and student participants to the social realities of Philippine society. Participants will undergo educational discussions, trainings, and immersion to the day to day life of different sectors, particularly with workers, peasants, urban poor and indigenous peoples. There will also be a direct service component to the community integration.

What is the purpose of the Summer Exposure Program?
The summer exposure program serves as the necessary bridge to the cultural and historical gap between the Philippines and its migrant population. It serves to connect the migrant and US-born Filipino experience to the history and ongoing struggles of the Filipino people back home. It also seeks to generate awareness and broad support for the continuing struggle of the Filipino people for genuine independence and democracy.

How is Anakbayan’s Summer Exposure Program different from others?

Anakbayan’s Summer Exposure Program does not only intend for participants to learn about the real conditions and history of the Philippines but also allows them to become active participants in effecting social change. This is done by engaging in organizing, campaigns and other community development work with various grassroots and people’s organizations.

Where do we get finances for the program?
Anakbayan is a grassroots, volunteer-based youth organization. All our programs are funded through donations, grassroots fundraisers and/or through our own pockets. The same goes for the Summer Exposure Program. The cost that the organization can cover depends on the amount of money that can be raised through its fundraisers. Participants are also allowed to hold their own fundraisers and Anakbayan will gladly help in organizing it.
Estimated Cost
Item   Estimated Cost (for the entire program)



$5-$10/day or $200



Program Fee***



$1700 to $1900

**logistics include housing and transportation
***Program Fee covers the costs to run the program
*Anakbayan is not responsible for buying round-trip tickets to the Philippines, processing Visa fees for entry, travel health insurance, and emergency costs (i.e. doctor costs).

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