Call for Solidarity


Friends and allies, the NJ Philippine Solidarity Committee will be commemorating the Philippine-American War of 1899 beginning on February 4.

In the wake of the approval of increasing US military aid to the Philippines up to $79M and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), let us remember the beginnings of US Imperialism, and honor the Filipino people’s struggle for National Democracy. The Phil-Am War provided the blueprint for many other wars of aggression against resisting peoples, such as in Vietnam, Iraq, and other developing nations. 
We say no more US tax dollars towards human rights violations committed by the military in the Philippines! Uphold the just demands of the Filipino people for sovereignty, jobs, land, education, and social services!

We are asking you to:

  1. Organize an event in your school, community, and/or church,
  2. Write a message of solidarity to the Filipino people’s movement for genuine liberation and democracy and send it to,
  3. Take a selfie/ group photo with a sign saying, “I support the struggle of the Filipino people because _________”, and/or
  4. Come out to our upcoming events (details TBA soon).

Thank you for your continued support!

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