Filipino Youth Stand in Solidarity with the People of Palestine, Demand an End to Apartheid in Israel

For Immediate Release

Press Statement

March 23, 2015


Daniel Santiago, Solidarity Officer, Anakbayan New Jersey


Joelle Eliza Lingat, Chairperson, Anakbayan New Jersey


Filipino Youth Stand in Solidarity with the People of Palestine, Demand an End to Apartheid in Israel

ab palestine

Anakbayan New Jersey raises our fists in solidarity with our fellow activists of Students for Justice in Palestine of Rutgers New Brunswick to commemorate Israeli Apartheid Week. We vehemently condemn the Israel state in their apartheid of the Palestinian people. In the same breadth of how the Philippine government creates an apartheid state with their economic policies dictated by bureaucrat capitalism, feudalism, and imperialism, we stand by the Palestinian people as brothers and sisters through our international struggle.

The parallels between our plights as oppressed peoples are numerous. Israel’s discriminatory policies limit resources and access to housing, transportation, and food. We see segregation based upon race and religion as well as forced migration from lands formerly held by Palestinians. The continual occupation of Palestinian lands and bombings of schools and hospitals confirm the human rights violations perpetrated by the Israeli state, funded and supported by the US government. Moreover, border control and militarization of communities restrict the movement and freedom of the Palestinians.

Similarly the Filipinx people are subjected to forced migration, military repression, and economic suppression at the hands of U.S. imperialists. As children of the Palestinian and Philippine diaspora within the belly of this imperialist beast, it is our duty to fight for liberation of our homelands. Anakbayan New Jersey denies the legitimacy of the Israeli government when they continue to create an apartheid state that does not include the Palestinian people. It is only through our collective struggle will we attain collective victory. Long live international solidarity!###

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