Thank you for an inspiring 2013! Dare to struggle! Dare to win!

To all of our friends, family, supporters and allies,

As we are in the first few days of 2014, allow us to say: THANK YOU! Thank you for your continuous support and belief in Anakbayan New Jersey’s work and vision. 2013 wouldn’t have been as successful without you all. Because of this, we are confident to say that we are so ready for 2014. Together, we will continue to dare to struggle and dare to win!

Here are some of our accomplishments this past 2013:

  • Early this year, the Florida 15 Trafficked Filipino workers were granted their T-Visas which allows them to work, adjust their immigration status and even petition their families. Anakbayan NJ played a role in drumming up their case in the media and raising awareness in the community about the realities of labor trafficking. [1]

  • Fought for and won the establishment of the first “in-state” Immigrant Affairs Commission in Jersey City. [2]

  • Raised awareness about the Filipino immigration experience and build support for genuine immigration reform throughout Jersey City and across New Jersey. [3]

  • Helped in gathering support for the Bayanihan Relief & Rehabilitation effort and have successfully convened the first meeting of Taskforce Haiyan New Jersey

  • Last but not the least, Anakbayan NJ helped lead the campaign and win the historic passing of the Tuition Equality Act in New Jersey also known as the New Jersey DREAM Act. [4]

Here are some things we are planning to work in 2014:

  • NJ DREAM Act 2.0! Together with other youth & students in NJ, we’ll be fighting for access to state financial aid for undocumented youth.

  • Student Debt – We are also aiming to take part in the campaign against student debt

  • Help for the Philippines – Organizing for a solidarity & relief mission to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

  • We’ll be continuing our work on immigrant and workers rights by organizing Filipino immigrants and workers

  • We will continue educating, organizing and mobilizing the youth for the rights and welfare of our communities here in New Jersey and back home in the Philippines.

We wouldn’t have accomplished all of these without you. We hope you continue to support our work through 2014 and beyond in serving our people. Again, salamat! Mabuhay and maligayang bagong taon! (Thank you! Long live and happy new year!)

Here are some ways you can help and support Anakbayan:

1. JOIN – Join the movement! Become a member of Anakbayan now.


2. DONATE – Make a donation ($5, $10, $25, $100+ ) to Anakbayan New Jersey and put on note “for Anakbayan New Jersey”


3. FOLLOW – Stay updated and spread the word about us through social network accounts (twitter, facebook: Anakbayan NJ, Anakbayan NY)

4. RELIEF & REBUILD – Help support our relief and rehabilitation efforts in areas affected by the Super storm Haiyan by donating to NAFCON’s Bayanihan Relief and Rehabilitation Program.


With love and solidarity,

Anakbayan New Jersey Family 🙂

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