Repression is the State of the Nation Under PNoy

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Repression is the State of the Nation Under PNoy
Anakbayan-USA condemns the violent dispersal yesterday at the State of the Nation Address demonstration near Batasang Pambansa, where President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III delivered his speech.  This recent case of impunity from the Philippine National Police has left 95 people injured and 21 hospitalized, mostly youth and students. We demand that the responsible officials of the PNP, namely the ground commander, Superintendent Marcelino Pedrozo and human rights monitor, Chief Superintendent Mario Dela Vega, Superintendent Nicanor Salamera, and Herbert Bautista, mayor of Quezon City be held accountable for this blatant abuse of power and violation of our people’s basic human rights.
The violations started early on as the local government of Quezon City under Mayor Bautista failed to act on the request of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) for a permit to rally.  Under the Batas Pambansa 880 (BP 880) also known as the Public Assembly Act of 1985, Section 6 (b) states, “The mayor or any official acting in his behalf shall act on the application within two (2) working days from the date the application was filed, failing which, the permit shall be deemed granted.”  Mayor Bautista failed to respond and therefore the application was deemed granted and the people had all the right to peacefully assemble and march in front of Batasang Pambansa to protest air their grievances.
The government’s violations continue to pile up as the PNP conducted an illegal blockade and showed clear lack of restraint by provoking and brutalizing the peaceful demonstration.  Cops attacked, pushed and assaulted everyone in their sight.  Some demonstrators were hit as many as 23 times with truncheons and shields.  A garbage truck was also commanded by the PNP to disperse the crowd, attempting to run over and endanger the people.  In addition, an overkill force of 6,000 police officers and 400 soldiers was deployed around Batasang Pambansa, militarizing the communities.  
This is a clear snapshot of the real state of the nation in the Philippines. There is a state of repression under Noynoy Aquino administration that uses deceit and violence to silence the truth.Noynoy should know that repression only breeds more resistance and struggle.  No truncheons nor shields can deter the people in exposing the real state of the nation.
We are sure that the people’s movement will only grow bigger and the struggle stronger. We call on the Filipino youth here in the US to organize, take action and expose the Aquino administration, as a violator of human rights in disguise. Let us intensify our struggle to defend human rights and towards a society that upholds the universal and inalienable rights of the people. 

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