Stop the Killings: A Tribute to Willem Geertman and All Victims of Human Rights Violations in the Philippines

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What: We will hold a tribute to Willem Gertman and remember all the victims of human rights violations in the Philippines. 

Anakbayan will be joining Jersey City Peace Movement and the community as we voice our concerns about human rights violations.

Why: Since Philippine President Noynoy Aquino came into office there have been over 76 political killings of lawyers, journalists, union organizers, church leaders and other human rights workers. On July 3, 2012, Willem Geertman a Dutch NGO aid worker and environmental activist was also assassinated. The U.S. sends over $30 million in aid to the Philippine military who are often the perpetrators of these human rights violations. As Filipinos in the United States we need to stand up for justice and stop military aid.

Where: 9/11 Memorial Fountain, Journal Square, Jersey City 07306

When: 7/29 | Sunday | 12pm-2pm 

We invite everyone in the Filipino community including friends and allies to come with us to Remember the Victims and their families!

For more information email us at

*Jersey City Peace Movement holds a free clothing and food drive every last sunday of the month for the homeless community of Jersey City.

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