Call to mobilize relief for Victims of Typhoon Sendong

NAFCON Activates Bayanihan Relief for Victims of Disastrous Calamity in Mindanao

20 December 2011

Contact: Jun Cruz
NAFCON Public Information Officer
Phone: 650-580-7382

On the quiet night of December 17th, the Philippines was struck by another calamity in the Southern Islands of Mindanao identified as tropical storm ‘Sendong’.

Cagayan de Oro, Negros Oriental and Iligan were amongst the worst cities hit by flash floods and landslides leaving 650 confirmed dead, with more reported fatalities expected, and nearly 100,000 victims homeless.

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), with member organizations throughout the U.S., is activating its Bayanihan Relief program for the victims of ‘Sendong’ in Mindanao.

NAFCON is collecting exclusively monetary relief (not material goods) and ensures that your donations go directly to the communities of the Philippines who are deeply and adversely affected by ‘Sendong’.

“As we near Christmas, we urge our kababayan to ease the suffering of children, families, and loved ones back home who were hit hard by ‘Sendong’ by making immediate monetary donations in the true spirit of the holidays,” said Terry Valen, NAFCON President.

NAFCON has established collections centers throughout the U.S and has a Paypal account. For Paypal go to: or click on the donate button below:

Cash or checks go to locations listed below. On memo please write: NAFCON Bayanihan Relief

North East: Checks Payable to “Philippine Forum”
Mail to 40-21 69th St. Woodside, NY
Regional Coordinator: Michelle Saulon,, (347) 867 – 1550

Mid West: Checks Payable to “Good Shepherd Congregation”
Mail to 4707 W. Pratt Ave Lincolnwood, Il 60712
Regional Coordinator: Lorena Nabua,, (224) 678 – 3415

Nor Cal: Checks Payable to “FOCUS-Filipino Community Support”
Mail to 4681 Mission St. San Francisco, Ca 94112
Regional Coordinator: Angelica Cabande, (415) 946 – 9904

So Cal: Checks Payable to “Tulong Sa Bayan (TSB)”
Mail to: 519 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Regional Coordinator: Alex Montances,, (253) 381 – 7444

North West: Checks Payable to “Pinay Sa Seattle”
Mail to 5740 Martin Luther King Junior Way Seattle, WA 98118
Regional Coordinator: Freedom Siyam,, (206) 659 – 1130

For more information on fundraising and relief activities in your area please contact NAFCON regional coordinators nearest you.

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