Anakbayan on Occupy Wall St.

The national youth group Anakbayan joins other progressive organizations and individuals in the Philippines today in expressing its solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in the U.S, and the other ‘Occupy’ protests that have been launched across America and the world. We salute our members and chapters in New York City for being part of the hundreds of thousands in the OWS. We also hail our members and chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley for taking part in the protests in their areas.

What is the significance of OWS to the Filipino people? First, it is the clearest symbol yet of the failure of globalization and capitalism to provide a decent existence to billions of people all over the world. In the land of the so-called ‘American Dream’, unemployment is at the highest in decades, social services suffer from budget cuts, while public funds are used to save bankrupt banks and other giant multinational and transnational corporations.

Capitalism is bound to fail because it is a system where a minority gets rich off the labor of the majority because the former owns the tools and machines used by the latter. However, due to the elites’ very monopoly of the wealth produced by the capitalist system, the latter is unable to purchase the very goods it produces. To save their system from collapse, capitalist governments have taken over many countries, either as colonies or semi-colonies, for their raw materials, cheap labor, and to create new markets for their surplus goods. It has even reached the point where war is now good business because it consumes products, or where billions of ‘fictitious’ dollars are created in the stock markets for capitalists’ profits.Yet even these measures have failed to save capitalism from itself and the U.S from its worst economic crisis in history.

Second, it has removed what little excuse Philippine president Noynoy Aquino has for advancing his pro-globalization, pro-foreign corporation, and anti-people agenda, which includes: constitutional amendments to allow foreign corporations further control over our economy and natural resources, budget cuts to education and other social services, allowing foreign corporations to exploit us through monopolies in oil and other vital industries, and rechanneling of public funds to the military and foreign debt payments.

Third, it has dealt a solid blow against the lie that there is no alternative, no better system than capitalism. It has now lead millions of people across the U.S and the world to seriously consider any alternatives to capitalism and globalization. Anakbayan urges OWS to intensify its struggles.

With every day that the Occupation continues in Wall Street and in other parts of the world, the lies of capitalism crumble more and more. Not only does it enlighten the American people, it also boosts the national liberation movements across the world today. Furthermore, we challenge OWS and other similar movements to now seriously consider alternatives to capitalism and to plan on how to achieve a more just and humane society.

Meanwhile, Anakbayan calls on the Filipino youth and people to bring our struggle for a more just and humane society to a new, higher level. The protests rocking the very heart of capitalism have removed any justifications to remain apathetic and accept the social status quo. There is no excuse for us Filipinos to remain silent any longer. And there has never been a better opportunity for the youth and oppressed masses of the world to overthrow U.S imperialist control and to establish a truly just and humane society in the ashes of the old.

People over profits!

Long live Occupy Wall Street!

Long live international solidarity between the youth and oppressed masses of the world!

No to corporate greed!

Dismantle the financial oligarchy!Down with U.S imperialism!

Struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy towards socialism!

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